About us

About us

We advocate for pro bono legal aid in countries where effective and comprehensive access to justice for migrants and especially for refugees is a challenge and needs development and strong partnership.

INLAR is about creating and coordinating an international network of legal professionals, NGOs and translators through which data on pro bono (legal) aid would be more easily accessed and facilitated the exchange of expertise.

We aim at granting linguistic support to make legal assistance more effective.

INLAR is the winning project of the Forum for Young Professionals „Europe Lab” 2016  in Croatia organized by the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. INLAR is founded by women professionals operating in four time zones We envision awarding an annual prize, granting professionals access to specialized training and resources.

We believe that dialogue and cooperation leads to tangible results We care about people who need our expertise and willingness to help. We support SDG no. 16 and the partnership to reach it We have innovative ideas and a strong team of purpose-oriented professionals.