INLAR website is launched!

Friday November 17th, 2017

We are happy to announce that International Network on Legal Assistance to Refugees (INLAR) website is launched. These days, in Berlin, project manager Bianca Constantin is representing the INLAR team at a EU-Russia Civil Society Forum conference where she will have the chance to present the main website features.

INLAR is an interactive self-sustainable and easy to update map of legal service providers working with and for refugees. The map includes the location and contact details of legal professionals and organizations providing any type of legal assistance to refugees.

INLAR advocates for pro bono legal assistance and will continue to develop its platform in order to NGOs, lawyers and young legal professionals better address the beneficiaries’ legal needs. Few of the ideas INLAR aims at developing for the benefit of its members are developing online webinars on leadership in the legal sphere, implementing conferences and annual meetings on different topics or ensuring access to legal documents and information.

Since 2016, the INLAR team Karina Levina, Bianca Constantin, Aleksandra Pulchny, Natalia Zviagina and Oleksandra Zmiyenko have worked in project development, advocacy, gathering data and volunteers. So far, more than 50 contributors (partners, volunteers, lawyers, translators, web developers and web designers) have shared the same vision and had their input on the project: from website development, charts, visuals, information, translation of data in 4 different languages, web security checks to financial support.

About INLAR: INLAR is part of the winning projects from the Forum for Young Professionals “Europe Lab”, which took part in July 21-24, 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia, organized by the EU-Russia Civil Society Platform. The team (Bianca, Karina, Aleksandra, Oleksandra) is formed by five young professionals working in legal or humanitarian sector. Please browse the website and like our Facebook page .

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