Romanian National Council for Refugees

a. Providing access to specialized legal advice for asylum applicants registered and accommodated in all regional centers for procedures and accommodation of the General Inspectorate for Immigration, namely Bucharest, Giurgiu, Galati, Timisoara, Maramures and Radauti, as well as asylum seekers outside of accommodation centers, including in transit zones or at the border crossing points
b. Drafting procedural documents (complaints, appeals and other, for the asylum seekers)
c. specialized assistance for vulnerable groups: children separated from their parents, women, elderly.
d. Legal assistance in court for cases that have a high potential to create judicial precedents.
e. Specialization of lawyers and legal advisors involved in the asylum process to improve the quality of legal aid and assistance for asylum seekers;
f. research and providing updated information on the situation in countries of origin of asylum seekers (for judges, lawyers, legal advisors, administrative authorities)
g. Lobby and advocacy in order to facilitate access by persons with some form of social protection benefits and services in the labor market, to obtain Romanian citizenship, in the process of reunification and family reunification and other rights under the law – integration.
h. counseling, legal aid and interpretation for migrants subject of a return decision for Romania


Jesuit Refugee Service Romania

We offer legal counselling in fields regulated by asylum and foreign citizens legislation (examples:access to territory, access to the asylum procedure, asylum procedure, integration, citizenship, tolerance, regulation of stay according to the legal provisions on the foreign citizens legislation; accessing the rights as asylum seekers/persons with a form of protection/tolerated/access to a new asylum procedure/Dublin procedure, etc.).


“Migration and Law” network of legal assistance for refugees

Legal advisory services


Civil Control

Legal advisory services


The St. Petersburg`s non-profit organization “Nochlezhka” (Shelter)

Social and legal support of Russian citizens without documents, without registration, stateless persons, migrants, refugees: counseling and assistance in repairing of documents, legal status, court, protection of rights

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  • Russia, 192007, St. Petersburg street. Borova House 112b (Nearest subway station "Channel Bypass")

Association for Legal Intervention

Association for Legal Intervention (SIP) was established in 2005 by a group of young activists and lawyers. Since then SIP evolved into a professional non-profit organization with the aim of combating social exclusion through provision of free legal advice to people whose rights and freedoms are threatened or violated (mainly refugees and migrants) and raising legal and civil awareness in the society.

Fields: Migrant and refugee law, counselling for migrants’ employers concerning labour law


Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights – Legal Assistance to Refugees and Migrants Programme

The Legal Assistance to Refugees and Migrants Programme was established in 1992. The Programme’s fundamental aim is to provide cost-free legal advice and assistance to migrants and to undertake litigation actions in cases where their rights might be violated. Programme activities also include monitoring of the observance by Polish authorities of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, the provisions of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, the European Convention on Human Rights and Polish legislation concerning all migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers.

Fields: Migrant and refugee law