The International Network on Legal Assistance to Refugees (INLAR) is part of the winning projects from the Forum for Young Professionals "Europe Lab", which took part in July 21-24 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia


Researcher, activist

Natalia is a legal and research programm coordinator of the Interregional Human Rights Group ( Within IRHRG she is responsible for NGO’s projects including international partnership. As a bord mamber of this NGO she developes a NGO’s strategy of the organization and she creates legal education materials and instructions on various issues. She assists to a refugees to complaint to ECHR. She is a graduate of Voronezh State University and Higher School of Economics (Moscow), having completed academic fellowships at University of York (UK) (Center of applied Human Rights). Natalia works as leading trainer for the Council of Europe’s project “PMC: new generation” (for visitors and prison monitors).

Oleksandra ZMIYENKO

Project Coordinator

Oleksandra holds a Master’s degree in Law from the Jagiellonian University and MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies from the College of Europe, where she developed a research project on statelessness. She was awarded the UNU-CRIS prize for the Best Thesis, which offered the opportunity to undertake a fellowship with United Nations University in Bruges. Throughout Oleksandra’s eclectic experience in research, legal assistance and advocacy spanning from private to public sector, her academic and professional interests included mainly international law, migration and human rights protection.

Aleksandra PULCHNY

Project Coordinator

Aleksandra received her MA degree in law from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow (thesis on trafficking in human beings). She has been involved in a number of human rights projects. Aleksandra currently works as a lawyer at the Warsaw- based Association for Legal Intervention. There, she specialises in providing legal advice for refugees and migrants.


Project development and reporting officer

Karina is a human rights professional specializing in project management in human development sector. She also has experience in providing policy and programme support on human rights and sustainable human development. Currently working for UN FAO in Kyrgyzstan, Karina assists the government to explore opportunities to change the nature of rural-urban as well as external migration by addressing rural poverty through investing in social protection linked to productive agricultural interventions. Karina holds a BAs in International Relations and Law enhanced with MSc in Russian, Central and Eastern European studies and MA in European Studies.


Project manager

Bianca cares deeply about women empowerment, migration, diversity, and how urban planning can promote inclusion and economic development. Her proactive spirit pushed her into a series of initiatives as soon as she finished her studies in Law and Urban Planning, actively contributing to building a better world through advocacy and pro bono legal work, catering to a wide range of beneficiaries.